Abstract:  WebOS is a newly emerging Operating System, accessible via a browser, with multiple integrated built-in applications that allow the user to easily manage and organize her/his data from any location. You can use your desktop as a virtual desktop on the web. In the wide area, application developers are forced to build abstractions themselves. This ad-hoc approach wastes programmer effort and system resources. To address these problems, WebOS provides basic operating systems services needed to build applications that are geographically distributed, highly available, incrementally scalable, and dynamically reconfiguring.  This paper starts with an introduction of Webs and its benefits, but it also have some flaws related to security.

 We have reviewed some most interesting WebOS available nowadays and tried to provide a detailed description of their features. Experience with a number of applications developed under WebOS indicates that it simplifies system development and improves resource utilization.


Keyword:  Abstraction, Ajax, ICloud, Phishing.