Abstract: Indoor wireless Localization is essential for most of the critical environment or infrastructure created by man. Technological growth in the areas of wireless communication access techniques, high speed information processing and security has made to connect most of the day-to-day usable things, place and situations to be connected to the internet, named as Internet of Things(IOT).Using such IOT infrastructure providing an accurate or high precision localization is a smart and challenging issue. In this paper, we have proposed mapping model for locating a static or a mobile electronic communicable gadgets or the things to which such electronic gadgets are connected. Here, 4-way mapping includes the planning and positioning of wireless AP building layout, GPS co-ordinate and the signal power between the electronic gadget and access point. The methodology uses Haversine formula for measurement and estimation of distance with improved efficiency in localization. Implementation model includes signal measurements with wifi position, GPS values and building layout to identify the precise location for different scenarios is considered and evaluated the performance of the system and found that the results are more efficient compared to other methodologies.

Keywords: Localization, Haversine, GPS (Global positioning system)