Abstract: Without brake system in the vehicle will put a passenger in unsafe position. Therefore, it is a must for all vehicles to have proper brake system. Due to critical system in the vehicle, many of researchers have conducted a study on brake system and its entire component. In this paper study has conducted on square, circular grooved and normal disc brake rotor of passenger vehicle with full load of capacity. The study is more likely concern of heat and temperature distribution on disc brake rotor. Thermal and structural analysis has been carried through the heat transfer analysis where to predict the worse case scenario and temperature behaviors of disc brake rotor. Further, finite element analysis, ANSYS software has been used in order to identify the temperature distributions and behaviors of disc brake rotor in steady state responses. The results have been compared for better justification. Thus, the results provide better understanding on the thermal characteristic of disc brake rotor and assist the automotive industry in developing optimum and effective disc brake rotor of two wheeler.

Keywords: Disc brake rotor, square groove, circular groove, Thermal and structural analysis, ANSYS .