Abstract: Chebulinic acid is a phenolic compound found in the fruits of Terminalia chebula (Haritaki), Phyllanthus emblica (Amla) and seeds of Dimocarpus longan (Longan) species etc. It showed many pharmacological activities including inhibition of cancer cell growth like human leukemia K562 cells, colon adenocarcinoma HT-29 cell lines, anti-neisseria gonorrhoeae activity etc. The present studies on optimisation of physico-chemical parameters like effects of different solvents, soaking time, extraction time with hexane, particle size, different solvent percentages, different volumes of hexane with ethanol as solvent and pH for the extraction of chebulinic acid from the composition of Medicinal herbs. The Chebulinic acid concentration for optimised conditions was 7.7 mg/ml.

Keywords: Chebulinic acid, Terminalia chebula fruit, Amla fruit, Longan seed, Ethanol.