Abstract: In the present growing trend of mobile computing, technologies, applications mainly focus on mobile e-commerce (m-commerce) and the mobile Web. As the mobile commerce market grows, Customer relationship management (CRM) is one of the major applications that incorporates the present marketing standard of relationship management (RM) and supports in acquisition, understanding requirements, and maintaining long-term relationships with customers. Expanding the CRM applications to mobile devices is increasingly becoming a major goal for organizations to optimize their workforce. To obtain a successful and desired outcome, quality of acquired data has a major impact on the organizationís productivity. Hence the quality of data constitute the basis for major decisions of organizationís operational and strategic levels which intern leads to positive growth of organizations. In order to tackle the above issue, we have proposed a novel quality model for customer lead data. Some of the activities are defined to analyse the performance of system with respect to time, data quality, reliability. This framework needs a feasible implementation module in the near future for improving quality of CRM lead data in m-commerce.

Keywords: CRM; Lead data; m-commerce; Data quality; e-commerce; mobile.