Abstract: To Improve the Coefficient of Performance, It is to require that and Refrigerating Effect Should Increase and Compressor Work should decrease. Experimental analysis on vapour compression refrigeration (VCR) system with ammonia refrigerant was completed and their results were recorded. The effects of the main parameters of performance analysis such as super heating on the refrigerating effect, power required to run the compressor for various evaporating temperatures, mass flow of refrigerant, percentage increase in COP, coefficient of performance (COP). The results from vapour compression refrigerant plant was taken where the variables like suction pressure of compressor, delivery pressure of compressor, temperature of evaporator and condenser are noted and coefficient of performance is calculated. The results obtained will be validated through CFD simulation. Further diffuser has been introduced in between compressor and condenser so that power input to the compressor has been reduced there by enhancing COP The enhancement will be done through CFD simulation; Modeling and meshing will be done in ICEMCFD, analysis in CFX and post results in CFD POST.

Keywords: Evaporator, Diffuser, Enhancement, ICEMCFD, CFX.