Abstract: Noise pollution in the present decade has been a noteworthy supporter to an undesirable living environment inside an urbanized city. In recent times, inhabitants from sensitive zone units such as hospitals and schools etc. are much influenced by noise pollution. Over the period activities such as migration to and from urban areas, infrastructural developments etc. have essentially increased inside the sensitive zones. Various research studies have checked sound levels altogether over as far as possible in sensitive zones have shown noise as a critical pollutant in numerous urban communities around the globe. Noise pollution in sensitive zones has increased too as being a part of urban area and needs to be controlled being more vulnerable to its pollution impacts. In this review study, impacts of noise levels in healing facilities and education centers are distinguished, its effect on inmates in these zones is concentrated on and expressed. The review paper implies the need to control noise levels in the sensitive zones for a superior domain.

Keywords: Noise pollution, Sensitive Zones, WHO, Noise standards.