Abstract: Traditional Wheelchairs though have certain limitations with the flexibility, heavy weight of the chair and limited functions. Tremendous developments have been made in the field of wheelchair technology. However, even these significant developments couldnít aid the quadriplegics to navigate wheelchair independently. Medical devices designed to help the Paraplegic and Quadriplegic patients are very complicated, rarely available and expensive. We aim at designing a simple cost effective automatic wheelchair using MEMS technology for quadriplegics with head and neck mobility. The control system translates the position of the userís head into speed and directional control of the wheelchair. The system is divided into two main units: MEMS Sensor and programmed PIC Controller. The MEMS sensor senses the change in direction of head and accordingly the signal is given to microcontroller. Depending on the direction of the Acceleration, microcontroller controls the wheel chair directions like LEFT, RIGHT, FRONT, and BACK with the aid of DC motors.

Keywords: MEMS sensor, DC Motor Driver, PIC Controller.