Abstract: Storage Class Memory is a new class of data storage device. The memory cells of the SCMs are electrically erasable and reprogrammable. To rewrite the data to a particular memory cell, it has to be erased first and then rewritten. The SCMs are given with a particular write/erase cycle value. If the write/erase operation is performed more than this specified number of times for a particular cell, then that cell will wear out and will be of no use. If this happens for the set of cells in the SCMs, then the storage capacity of the device will be reduced. The solution to this write endurance problem of SCM is wear leveling. Wear-leveling is a technique for prolonging the service life of some kinds of erasable storage media. This technique can be used to increase the life of the device. The project adopts dynamic wear-leveling technique which maps the logical block address to the physical address. When the data has to be written it writes to a free block and the map is updated. This technique has a shorter life expectancy but it is faster and less complex compared to the static wear-leveling technique.

Keywords: Hot data, Cold data, pooling, Flash translation layer.