Abstract: FaL-G is the product name given to a cementitious mixture composed of Fly ash (Fa), Lime (L) and Gypsum (G). It is low-cost and environmental-friendly material very useful  in rural housing industry.  Since it is manufactured using industrial wastes and by-products, the environmental impacts are mitigated. This paper addresses the technology of making compressed FaL-G paste blocks with low-calcium (Class F) dry fly ash procured from Raichur Thermal Power Plant, Karnataka and sponge iron plant Malur. The cardinal aim is to study the setting and strength characteristics of FaL-G paste. Its applicability as controlled low strength material is also ascertained. The FaL-G paste compressed cylinders were prepared without the use of conventional cement.  The compressive strength of FaL-G cylinders were tested with different parameters.  It was noticed that the strength of FaL-G paste increases with age and adequate to use it in making deferent composites. FaL-G paste can also be used as controlled low strength material as it has good relative flow area and adequate strength development with age.


Keywords:  fly ash, lime, Gypsum, paste, CLSM, compressive strength.