Abstract: A novel, compact and miniaturized tapered U slot printed monopole microstrip antenna is designed in this paper. The antenna is fed by a single 50? microstrip line with truncated ground plane and is excited by a coaxial Sub Miniature Version A (SMA) connector. The antenna is fabricated on FR4 substrate of dielectric constant 4.4. The measured impedance bandwidth is 8.3GHz (i.e 3.3GHz to 11.6GHz) for Voltage standing wave ratio defined by VSWR<2. A new ultra wide band high gain antenna is demonstrated. Due to its compact structure it is attractive in low cost, compact systems. The simulation was done using Ansoft High Frequency Structure Simulator (HFSS) software. The simulation and experiment reveal that the proposed antenna exhibits good impedance match and high gain. Therefore, the performance of this antenna by simulation indicates that the proposed antenna is suitable and a good candidate for UWB application.

Keywords: UWB antennas; printed monopole antennas; VSWR; Gain; HFSS