Abstract: Picking clothes with complex patterns and colors is a challenging task for blind people. Due to rotation, scaling, huge intraclass pattern variations, automatic clothing pattern recognition is a challenging research problem. We have matured a camera-based model system that notice clothing patterns in four categories (horizontal, irregular, vertical and patternless) and identifies 11 clothing colors. The auditory guidance system integrates a microphone, camera, friendly ARM mini2440 and headphones for audio details of clothing colors and patterns. A camera is used to capture clothes patterns and colors. The clothing colors and patterns are described to blind users spoken. To notice clothing patterns, we propose an API (Appilcation Program Interface) to capture the image from camera and using this API we store to image. In this project we are using OpenCV library for capture the images. Thought such a system would support more independence in blind personís daily life.

Keywords: Auditory guidance, API, blind people, friendly ARM mini2440, OpenCV.