Abstract: Ultrafine Grain Materials are known for their extraordinary Mechanical Properties. Severe plastic deformation of materials produces ultrafine grains in Materials. Various Severe Plastic Deformation (SPD) techniques have been developed to produce bulk UFG material having homogenized and equiaxed structure .The extensively used SPD techniques are Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), High pressure torsion (HPT), Accumulative roll bonding (ARB) and Multi axial forging (MAF).Various Aluminium, Magnesium and copper alloys have been converted so far to ultrafine grain material by using these techniques but there occurs a difference in shape and size of the samples obtained from each method . Refinement by SPD is based on the formation of dislocation cell or subgrains during large plastic strains and evolution of these cells into array of ultrafine grains separated by high angle boundry. This paper gives overview of the available technique along with parameters which influence these techniques. This paper also looks into the application of these techniques along with future challenges associated with techniques.

Keywords: UFG Material ,SPD Methods, ECAP, TE.