Abstract: This paper presents monitoring system to monitor the physiological parameters such as Blood Pressure (BP), ECG, Body Temperature and Saturation of Oxygen in blood. The paper presents the system Architecture for smart Healthcare using Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) with GSM Module and PIC18F4520 Microcontroller. In this system ECG can be monitor by using Clamp Sensor & Oxygen saturation in blood can be monitor by using Pulse Oximeter. The applications of Healthcare are considered as promising fields for monitoring the patientís health using WSNs. The main focus of current WSN healthcare research is on patient reliable communication. A new technology in healthcare applications without considering security makes patient privacy morally. Moreover, the health data of an individual are is very sensitive. Therefore, security & privacy is a first requirement of healthcare applications, if the patient has any disease. This paper discusses the monitoring and analysis of health issues in healthcare application using WSNs.

Keywords: Blood pressure, Energy consumption, patient privacy issues, Hospital healthcare, Wireless sensor network, wireless body area network, Healthcare applications.