Abstract: Radiological examinations nowadays provide a significant benefit in the field of the health care. The question of such examinations is to balance their benefits to the risk associated intending to the reduction of the patent dose. This study aims to measure occupational doses and to assess the patient dose by radiological examinations, performed in the regional hospital of Gjirokastra city for the most frequent radiological examinations performed in this hospital The TLD-100 Harshaw dosimeters were used for this purposes calibrated in SSDL. The dose of medical staff as well Entrance Surface Dose (ESD) for patients were measured as the basic dosimetric quantities. These quantities were measured and averaged for medical staff and for ten patient doses for each examination. The obtained values for occupational exposures and patients doses generally were in accordance with IAEA standards for occupational exposures and guidance levels for medical exposures. The measuring of occupational exposures and the radiological examinations doses will contribute for development and improvement of the national radiation protection program for occupational and medical exposures.

Keywords: Occupational Exposure, Medical Exposure, Entrance Surface Dose, TLD.