Abstract: It is very important that the investigations and detailed interpretations of every statistical data afford the determination of the strategies for the future of nations and even the mankind. These strategies are then will be very powerful and make sense if the statistical data were used successfully. In this short study we want to analyze three major factors, population growth, energy demand and the educational state of Turkey which are responsible for the economical and social developments in the future of the country by use of the logistic equation for the estimation of the population growth and in the determination of the energy strategies for the future and the fuzzy sets theory for the educational state. It is a well known reality that industrially and economically developed countries are planning their energy production, social, political and economical strategies for the near and for the far future taking into the account of dynamical parameters of the world as a global village. Especially, if one thinks about the wars on the world during the end of the 20 century this fact could be easily seen, even at the very beginning of 21 century. The goals and the places of these wars are seen around natural energy resources of the 3 world, non-industrialized and economically poor, countries.

Keywords: Fuzzy Theory, Logistics Equation, Population, Education, Energy Demand.