Abstract: Education promotes development for quality teaching in general which Includes the social aspects brought about by the environmental pressures, the growing interdependence of people and countries, and the changing needs of people and societies. All educational systems aim for quality education to produce students who demonstrate understanding of scientific concepts, critical and creative thinking skills, and love and appreciation for the English language. Thus, educators and concerned government agencies have been mandated and were asked to strengthen English language offerings and teaching to maximize the studentsí skills and knowledge. Our facility in English, a competitive edge over other Asian nations, as well as in other nations is slowly being undermined by growing perceptions of its deterioration. The perceived deterioration is attributed to many factors not the least of which is the quality of instruction in all levels of our educational system. Thus, the teachers of English especially in speech and oral communication should be adept and resourceful to meet the global competencies. The study used the descriptive-normative research design as it aimed to assess the instructional materials used in teaching speech and topics that can be supplemented by these instructional materials in which the researcher believed has something to do with effectiveness of instructional materials as basis to enhance the curriculum. This method was used to gather the needed and relevant data and information about the research variables. More specifically, the researcher was able to gather data through questionnaire because it covers a small population where the variables were concrete. It further used qualitative questions to qualify data based on international norms in Speech and Oral Communication. Most of the indicators were much accepted by the respondents in assessing the instructional materials offered to enhance the curricular offering in terms of Content and Acceptability.

Keywords: Education, curriculum, enhancement, instructional materials, speech oral communication, English.