Abstract: The Present research work describes the synthesis, spectral and antibacterial studies on the complexes of few complexes of Nickel (II) with amide group containing ligands. The characterizations of the compounds have been carried out on the basis of elemental analysis, infrared, electronic spectra and magnetic susceptibility studies. Antibacterial activities of these ligands and complexes have also been reported on S.aureus and E.coli microorganisms. The diffuse reflectance spectrums of the complexes show bands in the region 9165 cm-1 to 27027 cm-1 assignable to 3A2g (F) ?3T2g (F),3A2g (F) ?3T1g(F), 3A2g (F)?3T1g (P)transitions. The magnetic moment (2.87 BM) of the complex indicates high octahedral environment. The microwave method of synthesis of complexes have been found easier, convenient and ecofriendly.

Keywords: Microwave, amide, Nickel (II).