Abstract: Channapura area is located on a part of southern extension of Chitradurga schist belt known as Yediyur-Karighatta belt. Banded iron formation (BIF) is defined as a finely bedded or laminated sedimentary rock with anomalously high iron content and sometimes, but not always, interbedded with chert; even when they are metamorphosed, the relict banding is usually still evident. The study area consists of predominantly volcano sedimentary sequence represented by amphibolites, quartzite, and garnet ferrous quartz-mica schist. Based upon the field work data and the detailed investigation consisting of close spaced sampling followed by drilling in Channapura area in Yediyur - Karighatta schist belt which could prove another size able gold deposit in BIF rock formation.

Keywords: BIF, Gold, Schist, Quartz.