Abstract: Pinsepia utilis is a medicinal shrub species which produces very useful edible oil from seed. Recently population of this valuable species is declining rapidly due to anthropogenic and modernization activities in its habitat. The objective of the present study was to develop nursery techniques of Prinsepia utilis through seed and cutting. Therefore an experiment was carried out by seed sowing in different medium (sand, sand + soil, vermiculite) & different places (mist chamber, shade net, open beds) with different pre-sowing water treatments ( normal water soaking for 12 hours, warm water soaking for 12 hours and control). The result indicated that highest seed germination (95 %) was observed after warm water soaking for 12 hours with soil in mist chamber followed by treatment of warm water soaking for 12 hours 92 % with sand + soil (1:1) in mist chamber. Vegetative propagation was conducted with half ripe shoot cuttings prepared from healthy and vigorous plants. Cuttings were treated with different IBA (Indole 3 butyric acid) concentration and Rootex powder. Pre-treated cuttings were planted in sand under mist chamber and shade house. The cuttings were pre-treated with Rootex-3 performed the best (38 % rooting) in mist chamber. IBA 5000ppm and IBA 3000 ppm reduced the rooting percentage as 23 % and 20 % respectively.

Keywords: Seed sowing, vegetative propagation, IBA, natural regeneration.