Abstract: Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), a premier institution of teaching and research in the country, is situated at Summer Hill, a suburb of Shimla at a distance of 5 km from the main town. HPU has a multi-hazard /multi-disaster prone campus and itís mainly because of its geo-climatic complexities and anthropogenic factors being the capital city of Himachal Pradesh massive development is going on in and around Shimla. Seismic hazard wise HPU and the surrounding areas in Summer Hill are quite vulnerable. It falls in the Zone IV of the seismic zonation map of India. Based on the past earthquake evidences, active tectonics or study of fault planes along which movement is still going on and seismic vulnerability studies indicate one conclusion, that is an earthquake of magnitude of 1905 Kangra earthquake is overdue in the region. Apart from earthquake, flood, fire and landslide are also the major disasters in Shimla and in the recent years they have wreaked havoc in the region. Shimla have been found more prone to disasters and are at high risk in terms of lives and property. Building bye-laws have not been followed in the city Man and man-made structure stands no chance against the awesome power and furry of such disaster when they strike. Therefore, a mechanism is needed to safeguard against massive and unwarranted loss of life and property in the event of such calamity. Solution to counter these trends exists and the knowledge and technology necessary to apply them are widely available. Disaster reduction is the sum of all the action which can be undertaken to reduce the vulnerability of a society to natural hazards. The solution includes proper land-use planning, aided by vulnerability mapping, to relocate people in safe areas, the adaptation of proper building codes in support of disaster resilient engineering, based on local multi hazard risk assessment/maps. In this paper, Hazard and Vulnerability assessment of HPU Campus is assessed. This study will serve as an initiative which can be used for managing both natural and human-induced hazards in the campus.

Keywords: Himachal Pradesh University (HPU), Human Resource Development Centre (HRDC), Hazard and Vulnerability.