Abstract: In this paper, modeling and simulation of photovoltaic system as a microsource with KY converter and microinverter is presented. The output of the PV system is given to a KY converter for boosting the voltage. The KY converter combines one coupled inductor and charge pump capacitor. The high voltage gain is achieved by the coupled inductor. Due to the presence of output inductor at the load side of KY converter, the output current is nonČ-pulsating. Besides this output voltage ripple is considerably reduced. The output from KY converter is fed to a full bridge inverter to generate AC out. Here we use hybrid pulse width modulation technique to drive the inverter, thus reduce switching loss and hence improve the converter efficiency. A model of the proposed system is done with battery source as the input.

Keywords: Coupled inductor, KY converter, Photovoltaic cell, MPPT, Hybrid PWM.