Abstract: Due to the increasing future energy demands and global warming, the renewable alternative energy sources and the efficient power systems have been getting importance over the last few decades. Renewable energy sources are newer alternatives in electric power generation. The main challenge in replacing legacy systems with the newer alternatives is to capture maximum energy and deliver maximum power at minimum cost for the given load such as induction motor. Solar energy which is free and abundant in most parts of the world has proven to be an economical source of energy in many applications. Among the renewable energy technologies, the solar energy coupling with fuel cell technology will be the promising possibilities for the future green energy solutions. The new efficient photovoltaic array (PVA) has emerged as an alternative measure of renewable green power, energy conservation and demand-side management. However in photovoltaic power generation system the control problems arise due to large variances of output under different insulation. This problem can be overcome by hybrid photovoltaic generation system i.e. use of photovoltaic arrays with fuel cells and power storage such as battery bank. In this work performance analysis of standalone hybrid PV-SOFC-Battery generation system is done.

Keywords: MPPT, PV System, Induction Motor, Delta transformer.