Abstract: India has a vast supply of renewable energy resources, and it has one of the largest programs in the world for deploying renewable energy products and systems. This paper assesses different renewable energy sources, promotion policies adopted by government, and various sectors which influence the energy usage pattern in India. In developing country such as India, demand for power is increasing day by day; especially peak load demand management is becoming crucial. The problem is formulated for the optimum allocation of the various renewable energy options to meet the peak load demand at the regional level of India. Due to the geological profile, potential of various renewable energy sources such as, small hydel power, solar photovoltaic, wind power, co-generation and biomass energy is varying from region to region. The renewable resources are quite suitable to meet the peak load demand and in fact some of regions have the potential, which can be transferred to the other regions utilizing the existing transmission line network. We look at the current status of renewable markets in India, the energy needs of the country, forecasts of consumption and production, and we assess whether India can power its growth and its society with renewable resources. This report gives an overview of the renewable energies market in India.

Keywords: Renewable Energy sources, demand, optimization and Energy Consumption