Abstract: Solar energy is one of the most important renewable energy sources on the earth which must be collected and should be utilized to its maximum efficiency. It is the major eco-friendly & pollution less method of producing the electricity today. In India most part receives 4 to 7 kWh of solar radiation per square meter per day and solar energy equivalent to more than 5000 trillion kWh per year which is far more than its total annual consumption. According to U.S. solar research centre. “If we convert the Total Solar energy reaches to earth in one time into electricity, then it will be more enough than whole power used by all the nations per year”. Considering the maximum utilization of solar power we have tried to develop a dual axis model of a solar panel using a microcontroller that can provide maximum solar power output. Also, we compare the power output of solar sun seeker, for fixed solar sun seeker, single and dual axis sun seeker.

Keywords: Solar cell, solar panel, solar tracker, photocell, microcontroller, sensor, stepper motor.