Abstract: Lubrication plays vital role in an engine for its efficient performance and working. The conventional lubricant needs to be replaced by bio based lubricants as there is scarcity or less availability of it in the future. There is need to find an alternative renewable bio based lubricants which will be better substitution, aid to bloom the economy and emphasize on great concerns of environment and pollution. Bio based lubricants has a potential for future lubricant as it is renewable, biodegradable, less toxic, and has net zero green house gases. Also it possesses greater physical, chemical and thermal properties. Research has been done to improve the properties with effect of use of bio based lubricant and yet so much left to done. Presently there is necessity to conduct experimental investigation and different studies to come up with modified bio based lubricant which will fulfil all desire requisites.

Keywords: Bio lubricant, Non edible vegetable oils, Biodegradability, cottonseed oil as alternative lubricants, Properties, function, application, etc.