Abstract: The car engine hood or bonnet has been analysed for its strength assessment for the different Design Verification Procedure (DVP) load cases. The nonlinear static structural analysis has been carried out on hood assembly to evaluate the stresses, displacement and plastic strain induced in the hood components for the different DVP load cases. In this project work, both material non linearity i.e. change in stiffness and contact non linearity i.e. changes in gap been considered for the analysis work. The base line model been analysed and from the baseline results, design optimization like thickness and shape topology operation carried out to reduce the overall weight of the hood assembly. The strength assessment of hood assembly is important and it should meet the design standards. The hood assembly is important subsystem in car from safety point of view as well as from appearance aspect. During crash of an automobile, the car hood component absorbs crash kinetic energy and avoids major impact to passengers and drivers. Hence, it is important to assess the strength of hood assembly.

Keywords: Hood assembly, Strength, Stiffness, FEM Analysis.