Abstract: Torsion bar is a suspension component used at the front, rear, or at both ends of a car such as it keep tires in contact with the surface of the road, support the weight of a vehicle and absorb the forces generated by the movement and motion of the vehicle. Most real-world phenomena exhibit nonlinear behavior. In these paper overviews of various works are done. This paper tries to give an idea about the previous researches & their finding about study of Torsion Bar (Torsion Spring Suspension or Torsion Beam Suspension), Static analysis of Torsion bar, finding out torsional stiffness, study related to vibration absorber and its application & comparison results of linear & nonlinear with its parameter.

Keywords: Torsion bar (Torsion Spring Suspension or Torsion Beam Supension), FEA, Nonlinear Behavior.