Abstract: In the present study, nonedible oil (Mahua), edible oil (Sal seed) and their mixture have used to study the Emission and Performance characteristics on different blends such as B10, B20, B25, B30, B40. Mix oil biodiesel was studied on blends of B10, B20, B30.Emission and Performance characteristics are compared with base line data obtained with conventional diesel in a single cylinder, four stroke, water cooled, and natural aspirated direct injection (DI) diesel engine. Performance characteristics with non-edible Mahua oil biodiesel and with edible oil such as Sal Seed biodiesel blends was comparable with mineral diesel. Brake thermal efficiency for Mahua and Sal seed oil biodiesel was found to be higher than diesel at all blends Moreover, Minimum Brake thermal efficiency is 3.9% greater than Pure diesel and maximum Brake thermal efficiency is 20.93 % more than pure diesel. With increasing compression ratio BTE also increases. Mahua oil biodiesel blend B20 at CR 18 showed highest Brake thermal efficiency compared to their other blends. Mix oil biodiesel blends shows lower Brake specific fuel consumption at all compression ratio because it has more calorific value. Brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) for each biodiesel was found to be higher compared to diesel except Mahua oil biodiesel blend B20 at CR 18 and in case of Mix Biodiesel blend B20, CR 16 has lower Brake specific fuel consumption as compared to diesel. Sal seed oil blend gave very much close value fuel consumption to diesel, but Mahua oil biodiesel blends resulted much higher value of fuel consumption compared to diesel While CO and NOX emission is also more as compared to pure diesel because of incomplete combustion but unburned HC and smoke emissions for biodiesel blends fuelled engine were lower than mineral diesel.

Keywords: Biodiesel, Mahua oil, Salseed oil, Diesel Engine, Emissions.