Abstract: In most cases of data hiding, the cover images will experience some distortion due to data hiding and cannot be inverted back to the original form. That is, some permanent distortion has occurred to the cover image even after the hidden data have been extracted out. In a wide range of applications like medical, military and law forensic fields, distortion of cover images does not allowed. So reversible data hiding is essential for these cases. The technique provides the secrecy for a data, and also for its cover image. This paper describes a novel method of reversible data hiding algorithm in which, Reserving room before encryption is done. The proposed method is written in digital videos. In the proposed method the video is converted into different frames and RDH algorithm is applied to each frame. These frames act as media to carry the secret data. The proposed method is free of errors and the payload is increased. PSNR values are also increased. Performance comparisons with other existing schemes are provided to demonstrate the superiority of the proposed scheme.

Keywords: reversible data hiding; encryption; LSB replacement technique; reserving room.