Abstract: Hydrolytic enzyme, L-glutaminase (EC3.5.1.2) converts glutaminase into glutamate and ammonia. It is a multifunctional enzyme which contributes majorly in food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry. The enzyme has been subject of some reviews on types, distribution, biochemical and immunological properties. Glutaminase is a ubiquitous enzyme and catalyzes the hydrolysis of ?-amido bond of L-glutamine. Due to having structurally and folding pattern similarity, it belongs to serine-dependent -lactamases and penicillin binding proteins. Glutamase enhance the flavor of food that why it is used as a food enhance in food industry. It also known for major source for energy and nitrogen in the cell biosynthesis and promoting cancer. Directly and indirectly involvement of glutaminase in main metabolic process has made its great importance in biological system.

Keywords: L-glutaminase, Glutamine, Glutamic acid, Monosodium Glutamate, Cancer.