Abstract: Looking at the modern trend of construction, post-tensioned flat slab are widely adopted in commercial and residential sectors. A study on analysis and behavior of Post-tensioned flat slab is been done in this thesis. Modeling and analysis of flat slab and PT flat slab is done using SAFE. For post-tensioning 12.7 dia and 9.5 dia 7 ply high tensile steel strands are used in analyzing the PT slab. Slab panel of 8m by 12m is modeled for different cases and respective properties are assigned. Slab is divided into column strip and middle strips. Drops are provided along column strip in flat slab and PT flat slab. Results are compared with flat slab and PT flat slab with respect to deflection, punching, moment and stresses. The quantities of reinforcing steel, post-tensioning steel, concrete required for the slab is calculated for the same and cost per square meter are presented in graphical form. Overall study on PT flat slab proves that PT flat slab could be a better option compared to flat slab, in respect of cost of project.

Keywords: Flat slab, Post-Tensioned flat slab, SAFE, Tendons.