Abstract: Mobile phones and tablets have become an indispensable part of our lives because of advance in computer hardware and software. We use these devices in order to make it easier to work in many sectors like banking, tourism, and education and besides our daily life. The health sector is also one of the sectors which is open the development. In this study, the main subject is to be able to monitor patients in need of care as mobile by doctors. So, patient will be able to make their own measurements and send it to their doctors. The most important feature is that it is individual. For example, blood pressure values are a medical condition that changes from person to person and according to the disease. Specific limit values which are determined by doctors are defined in our model system. If the measurement is out of these values are sent to the doctor by an automated notification system. In addition, the patientís daily measurements or earlier measurements can display both the patients and the doctors. Moreover, for any purpose both patient and doctor can contact through the message system.

Keywords: Health mobile tracking, biometric sensor, home care services, in need of care patient