Abstract: In previous few years the use of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are increasing excessively in different applications such as disaster management, security vigilance, border security, battle field exploration etc. Sensors are habitual to dispose subordinately in huge numbers and correlative with each other where human associated is not basically achievable. These tiny sensor nodes are executed by battery power and the battery executed sensor nodes cannot be quickly recharge or replaced. So, minimization of energy consumption is an important issue to prolong the lifetime of network. To resolution this issue, sometimes sensor nodes are joined to form a cluster Head (CH). In each cluster, elected a controller node that is called as Cluster Head. Each node senses the environment, when recognize any event and send the information to the respective cluster heads. After then the cluster heads send the information to the Base station. So, suitable cluster head election can decrease appreciable amount of energy utilization. But in this passage, a super cluster head (SCH) is elected among the CHs who can only responsible for send the information to the Base station. In this paper, we propose both CHs from clusters and SCH among the CHs are elected by choosing suitable fuzzy descriptors, such as remaining battery power, mobility of BS, Centrality, Base station Route.

Keywords: WSN, Fuzzy logic, CH, SCH.