Abstract: Biochemical analysis was done on 10 (ten) dried fish samples traditionally prepared in the North East India. Samples were collected from various parts of three different states of this region namely Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur. The samples included the fish species locally known as Bhokua, Chanda, Dorikona, Goroi, Mua (i), Mua (ii), Ngupi, Phabaonga, Puthi, and Ukabi. The moisture content of the samples was ranged from 2.772% to 7.818%. Protein varied from 27.46% to 56.84% and lipid content was ranged from 11.47% to 18.45%. Ash content varied from 11.177% to 29.197%. Elemental analysis was carried out through XRD which showed the presence of Fe, Ca, K, C, S, P, Si, Al, Mg, Na, O. The pH of the samples was ranged from 6.23% to 8.33%. All the experiments were replicated three times.

Keywords: dried fish, moisture, protein, lipid and ash.