Abstract: In this work, it reviews on the concept of node Relocalization in sensor network using embedded controller. It proposes mobility based dynamic reconfiguration system in WSN. The main objective is to reduce the localization error in the system. By providing access for the user to construct different virtual fields, proposed protocol accomplishes the goal of meeting the need of different applications and different network conditions. In this work, an environmental data collection scenario is taken. In this, all nodes are in dynamic nature and moves randomly. All nodes are communicating with each other as well as from head nodes. There is a direct communication between head & nodes. It provides a multi-hop routing based on shortest path in wireless networks. It provides a complete path with the loss of some packets. In this, it also provides a direct communication between head & nodes without any packet loss. All scenarios will be implemented with the help of MATLAB tool.

Keywords: WSN; routing protocol; dynamic reconfiguration, node Relocalization etc.