Abstract: Home security and control is one of the basic needs of mankind from early days. But today it has to be updated with the rapidly changing technology to ensure vast coverage, remote control, reliability, and real time operation. Deploying wireless technologies for security and control in home automation systems offers attractive benefits along with user friendly interface. In this paper, implementation of a novel security and control system for home automation is presented. The proposed system consists of a control console interfaced with different sensors using ZigBee. Suspected activities are conveyed to remote user through SMS (Short Message Service) or Call using GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) technology. Upon reply, the remote user can control his premises again through GSM-ZigBee combination. Besides, traditional burglar alarm enhances security in case of no acknowledgment from remote user. This system offers a low cost, low power consumption and user friendly way of a reliable portable monitoring and control of the secured environment. Using the concept of serial communication and mobile phone AT-commands (Attention Telephone/Terminal commands), the software is programmed using C-language. The design has been implemented in the hardware using ZigBee EM357 module, Atmega128 MCU (microcontroller unit) and Sony Ericsson T290i mobile phone set.

Keywords: ARM 7 LPC 2138, Zig-Bee Module, GSM Modem, Sensors, Relay.