Abstract: This paper demonstrates the analysis of triangular patch antenna array with microstrip feed and co-axial feed techniques for broadband satellite services (12.2-12.7 GHz) in Ku band. For long distance communications, the gain and directivity of an antenna should be very high which cannot be accomplished by the single element antennas as their radiation pattern is relatively wide. The directivity and gain of an antenna can be increased by arranging several antennas in space and interconnect to produce a directional radiation pattern referred to as an ‘array’. The proposed triangular patch antenna array is designed and simulated by using HFSS (High Frequency Structural Simulator) software. The gain of present antenna array for four elements with line feed and co-axial feed is 8.09 dB and 8.92 dB at 12.5 GHz frequency.

Keywords: Triangular microstrip patch antenna, microstrip-line feed, co-axial probe feed, antenna array, gain, directivity, Ku band.