Abstract: The rise in energy costs urged the need in minimizing the energy consumption. As significant amount of energy is used for illuminating in educational buildings such as lecture halls and lecture rooms, improvements is needed to avoid energy waste for unoccupied and daylight hour. The lighting will be controlled based on demand to save the energy costs Introduces the common existed problem that lights work in classroom with nobody, analyzes several traditional solutions and their deficiencies, then puts forward the energy-saving system for classroom based on campus card. The project is based on the Campus Card System, which is mature and has been widely used, in combination with Ethernet, RF wireless communications technology, as well as the development of campus card to achieve a complete classroom energy saving system. System controls the master classroom power on and off by detecting the presence of the card, and effectively solve this problem. This system is characterized by simple-use and low-cost renovation.

Keywords: Campus Card System, Energy Saving System, Ethernet, RF Wireless Communications Technology.