Abstract: Home security is becoming necessary nowadays as the possibilities of intrusion are increasing day by day. Safety from theft, and fire are the most important requirements of home security system for people. A traditional home security system gives the signals in terms of alarm. With the help of technology development, this research take a chance to implement these technologies to help people to protect and control their home appliance remotely with advancement of technology things are becoming simpler and easier for us. Automatic systems are being preferred over manual system. This unit talks about the basic definitions needed to understand the Project better and further defines the technical criteria to be implemented as a part of this project. Smart home is a house that uses information technology to monitor the environment, control the electric appliance and communicates with the outer world. Smart home is a complex technology, at the same time it is developing. A smart home automation system has been developed to automatically achieve some activities performed frequently in daily life to obtain more comfortable and easier life environment. Security has becoming an important issue everywhere. The purpose of this research is to create a system that makes the surveillance of home devices easily. The technology that used in this research are GSM (Global System for digital mobile telecommunication ) and Microcontroller .The GSM module is used to communicate with the owner of the home whenever the sensor senses a fault , a specific message is sent to the owner in order to take a necessary action . The microcontroller is a tool that uses a specific code to do some functions by using MicroC programmer.

Keywords: Smart Home Automation Security, Energy Efficient, GSM, Wireless System.