Abstract: This paper examined the variability which occurs in key parameters like pH, temperature, moisture content, organic carbon, nitrogen, phosphorous, odour, color etc. during the 30 days regular monitoring of composting process. 5 kg of municipal solid waste, old compost, straw and soil, was mixed with 5%, 10%, 15% of gomutra of 3 kg municipal solid waste for composting. Composting was done by using 16th buckets model composter made up with proper aeration and drainage facility and was kept in semi sun rays condition. pH ranging 7.6 to 8.9 in the first phase, Temperature rise from the first day of process and become 55C on 18 day. Moisture content in compost was unstable throughout the process due to changing microbial population. The NPK content of final compost are find out .After finding the results of NPK obtained from composting treatment given to MSW and Gomutra are indicate that combined composting are an attractive method for management of municipal solid waste.

Keywords: Municipal solid waste, Gomutra, Composting, Key parameters