Abstract: The paper suggests strongly that the tendency and outcome of surface segregation in magnetic alloy nanostructures should be taken into full account in the design, fabrication, and employment of these magnetic nanostructures. the role of macrostrain in altering the magnetization of BiFeO nanoparticles is not discussed in detail, making it an indispensable study at this juncture. Strain engineering to control physical properties of materials is an emerging area of research. a systematic investigation on the temperature and size-dependent changes in the magnetic properties of Pd NPs is presented by comparing the temperature-dependent magnetic behavior of high-purity bulk Pd with those of NPs of Pd with diameter D = 12 nm and 7.7 nm. Attention is given to not only how the ferromagnetic component changes with size D but also the maxima at Tm, the later often neglected in the previous studies on Pd NPs.

Keywords: Magnetic, Nanoparticles, Microemulsions, Electrodes.