Abstract: Vehicle emissions are responsible for about two third of air pollution in urban areas. The main pollutants emitted by vehicles include carbon monoxide, oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, hydrocarbon, lead, ozone and suspended particulate matter. These pollutants have harmful effects on human health & ecology. Poor air quality increases respiratory disorders like asthma & bronchitis and increases the risk of life-threatening diseases like cancer. In India, the impact of pollution from vehicles is increasing day by day due to rapid increase in population and modernization. Impact of vehicular pollution is more in cities due to urbanization. Kota is one of the fastest developing cities of Rajasthan having more than 65,0000 registered vehicles that shows large number of vehicles and associated impacts of emission through vehicles on polluting air. To study the vehicular pollution in Kota city, high volume air sampler is used for monitoring the air parameters in terms of SPM, SO2 and NOX and these measured parameters have been compared with the national ambient air quality standards issued by the Central Pollution Control Board of India.

Keywords: Air Pollution, Urbanization, Suspended Particulate Matter, Sulphur dioxide, Oxides of Nitrogen.