Abstract: With the increasing energy demand annually for Delhi , Solar PV has become a reliable option for electricity generation power deficient state which purchase major share of its power requirement from other starts at higher prices. Also increasing pollution levels has also forced Delhi government to aggressively promote solar power plant especially rooftop segment keeping in view the shortage of land and its relatively higher prices. In this paper the rooftop Solar PV system of 432 KWp has been designed for Delhi Technological University to the reduce grid dependence based on fossil fuels. The main work of this paper involves detailed designing of the Solar system along with array configuration, Mounting Structure, Shadow analysis and economic feasibility. At the end decision is made to install solar rooftop project based on techno-economic feasibly study carried out for DTU PV power plant.

Keywords: Solar PV, Delhi Technological University, 432 KWp, DTU PV power plant.