Abstract: Recently, a fast evolution of structures in urban centres attended by a dearth of beneficial areas has pushed the specialists to recover soil properties in order to carry the applied loadings of structures. One of the technology of soil advancement is use of admixtures. In Iraq, the tires Reclaim are produced by Ministry of Industry and Metals with low costs because it is considered as a by-product of tires manufacturing. This paper concerned with investigates the use of Reclaim as additive to soil. The effect of Reclaim on California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of sandy soil is studied. Many of laboratory tests was carried out on the original soil (0% Reclaim) and using 0.5%, 2%, 4% Reclaim by the weight of soil. A CBR laboratory tests on soil samples without and with Reclaim under 4 days soaking condition to simulate the long-term soaking case. The results show that the dry unit weight of sandy soil increase when the Percent of Reclaim increase. Also, for all cases (0%, 0.5%, 2% and 4%) Reclaim, CBR increase as the dry unit weight increase for each case. The main important conclusion conducted that CBR decrease when the percent of Reclaim increase, thus, use of Reclaim do not improve the soil to carry the applied loads, the increment in CBR varies from 7.6% to 68.8%.

Keywords: Improvement soil, CBR, Rclaim, Tires waste.