Abstract: Gadchiroli district is the Easternmost and largest district of Maharashtra (India), and 76% of land is covered by forest which is also one of most backward region in Maharashtra and India too and having majority of aboriginal population. Various tribal packets are still off-road and off-development. Tribals of this are still in harmony with nature they produce the food of their basic needs but their produce is not sufficient to last long therefore they face scarcity of resources. The documentation of Indigenous knowledge is one of the urgent needs of time because as the time will pass the old age generations will pass away and with them the valuable indigenous knowledge too. In present study the authors have documented 32 taxa from 25 families with their method of use by the tribal population. No such investigation has been carried out in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra state (India) prior to this attempt.

Keywords: Scarcity food, Wild edible, Aboriginal, Tribal, Ethno botany, Indigenous Knowledge, Gadchiroli.