Abstract: The fiber reinforced concrete is one of the important topics as it is a means to replace conventional concrete ingredients by considering new ideas and materials. In this attempt, we tried to replace the cement by some percentage of human hairs & coarse aggregate by Polypropylene (PP). The length of the human hair used in this experiment varied from 3 cm to 6 cm and the first class polypropylene were used. The idea behind this selection is to use such a material which is harmful to the nature and also non degradable. The various combinations of percentages used in this study are 1) 4%hair +0%PP 2) 4%hair +1%PP 3) 4%hair +2%PP 4) 4%hair +3%PP. For testing all those proportions, M-25 grade Concrete was used. The compressive strength of the specimens were tested & it was observed that the Compressive strength of the composite concrete was maximum at combination 4%hair +2%PP and then it started reducing. In this paper, the details of the work done are discussed in detail.

Keywords: Human hairs, PP, Composite concrete.