Abstract: Cryptographic schemes have an algebraic structure and can be described as multivariate polynomial equations. Even though algebra is the default tool in the cryptanalysis of asymmetric cryptosystems, there has been recently an increase in interest in the use of algebraic cryptanalysis techniques in the analysis of symmetric cryptosystems. The basic idea behind the algebraic attack is to express the whole cryptosystem as a large system of multivariate polynomial equations, then considers methods for solving the system to recover the key. Solving multivariate polynomial systems is a typical problem studied in Algebraic Geometry and Computational Algebra. Computing Grobner basis is the best well known method to solve this problem. Finding grobner bases is a difficult task which requires lots of computational resources. This paper discusses and explains in depth different algorithms to compute grobner bases using examples. This paper also, compares these algorithms from the point of views of accuracy and efficiency (the required resources: time and effort) to get the accurate results. Finally, the worthiness of these algorithms to be applied to cryptanalysis has been discussed.

Keywords: Grobner bases, Cryptanalysis ,Algebraic attacks, F4 Algorithm, F5 Algorithm.