Abstract: The cutting processes of rebar stock in housing project cause a large amount of waste because of high variety between required rebar lengths and standard rebar lengths, this problem is called one dimensional cutting stock problem. This research aims to utilize the rebar stock and minimize the losses using integer linear programming approach- aided by Advanced Interactive Mathematical Modeling System (AIMMS) software for solving the problems. These one- dimensional cutting rebar stock problems are divided into 19- problem according to the variety in the rebar diameter (25 mm, 16 mm, 12 mm, and 10 mm), and the variety in the design of activities in that housing project. The losses that are produced for each activity are utilized in the next activity when the length of item losses is larger than the required small item lengths in next activity for the same rebar diameters. That makes the utilization is to be maximized, where the Utilization Stock Ratio is reached to (98.53%).

Keywords: One- Dimensional Cutting Stock Problem; Integer Linear Programming; and Optimal Solutions.