Abstract: WSN is the emerging and fast growing field which consist of low cost, battery operated and multi functional sensor nodes. In wireless sensor network improving lifetime of the network is the main challenge. With static sink energy whole problem or hot spot is a major problem in WSN. The sensor nodes which are located near to the sink, act as relay for those of the nodes which are far apart from the sink. This causes the lifetime of the network reduced. The concept of mobile sink solves the problem of energy hole problem and also does the load balancing in the wireless sensor network. In this paper we propose to improve the lifetime of the wireless sensor network by using mobile sink based energy efficient adaptive threshold clustering hierarchy algorithm. Here we use hybrid routing protocol APTEEN which gives overall snapshot of the network at periodic intervals and also react to time critical situations. The results obtained from the proposed algorithm have been compared with that obtained from MSIEEP protocol. It can be accessed from results that the proposed algorithm works better than MSIEEP. The simulation result is performed in MATLAB.

Keywords: Mobile sink, APTEEN, lifetime, energy efficient.